We believe that nothing is more important than securing a safe and healthy future for your children.

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Divorce Papers and a Pen
Divorce Papers and a Pen

When you married your spouse, it is unlikely that you anticipated a divorce. But instead of viewing divorce and separation as a negative, life-altering event, we see it as an opportunity to take one family and make it into two much healthier families.

At Heather D. Miller Nichols PA, our Fayetteville divorce attorney understands the frustration, anxiety and concern you may be facing, and we are here to hold your hand while we prepare a brighter, happier future for you and your loved ones. We firmly believe that nothing is more important than securing a safe and healthy future for your children, as they are the ones who are most affected by divorce and separation.

Ft. Bragg Military Divorce Attorney Heather Cooke Understands The Military

North Carolina law states that before you can get a divorce, you must be separated for one full year. Separation agreements can be complex. To learn more about how to draft a comprehensive agreement, contact our law firm.

Before a divorce is finalized, many different items must be arranged — child support, child custody, property division and more. Every family is different and has different needs, so it is important to hire an attorney who will listen closely to your unique situation.

A divorce is not finalized until you have a signed, sealed judgment from a North Carolina family court. In order to successfully obtain this document, we must know where the other spouse is located. If we cannot locate your spouse, we will serve them using alternative means, like publishing the notice in a newspaper. This can exponentially increase the costs associated with your divorce.

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We have a strong belief in the fundamentals of a healthy family, and we are committed to making your life easier. We may not be able to fix your family but we are determined to guide you to a place where you can move on and develop a healthier future.

We understand the stress you are facing so we offer practical, straightforward legal advice. There is no sense in offering false hopes and unrealistic expectations. If we do not have an answer you are looking for, we will find it.

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